Fabiola Ojeda

The Chilean cellist Fabiola Ojeda is a versatile performer, chamber musician, and cello teacher. Already by the age of 19 she began to work as teaching assistant in the studio of Martha Gerchefski at Georgia State University, in Atlanta-USA. Later in her life she was assitant of Professor Matias de Oliveira Pinto in Julius Stern Institute from University of Arts, Berlin (UDK). While still in Germany, she also accepted a permanent teaching position at Musik-und Kunst Schule Bielefeld, Nordheimwestfallen. Awarded with the 1st Prize at Atlanta Cello Society Young Artists Competition (1998) and by Yehudi Menuhi Live Music Now- Germany (2005-08) she has performed many chamber music concerts across Central Europe, South America, Taiwan, and Belarus, as well as participated in the opening of the first theatre for classical music in Ramallah, Palestine (2004). In the United States she was member of Columbus Symphony Orchestra (Ga), while in Germany of Symphony Orchestra of Münster Theater and Detmolder Kammerorchester. Based in Athens-Greece since 2009; Fabiola has worked as Principal cello at the Chamber Orchestra of the National Opera, collaborated in concerts and recordings with Baroque Orchestra "Armonia Atenea" for level DECCA, together with the soprano Julia Leznheva and countertenor Max Emaneul Cencic, among others. On the other hand, she has worked as well with Greek composers Nikos Mamangakis, Nikos Kypourgos, Giorgos Kouroupos, Theodore Antoniou. Moreover, together with Chilean composer Luis Saglie, she organized the project "Tribute to Pablo Neruda" tour through Greece, patrocinated by the Chilean Government (DIRAC 2014). This collaboration brought a second project called "Tribute to Violeta Parra” which was performed in Athens-Greece in September 2017. Fabiola has participated at Paxos "Ensemble Modern Academy International Festival," and had played master classes with Professors Anatoly Krastev, Maria Kliegel, Collin Carr, Antonio Meneses, and Jaap ter Linden. She studied Cello Performance at Georgia State University (Atlanta-USA), was former student of Professor Marcio Carneiro at Detmolder Musikhochshule, and received her Künstlerische Diplom Degree at Musikhochshule Münster. In Athens, Fabiola teaches at Musical Horizons Conservatory and Kodàly Conservatory, and is also member cofounder of "Diverse and Bizarre" baroque ensemble.



Duo accordion & cello

A selection of our favorite melodies from composers around the world. Accordionist: Ιώ Le Moller

  • Date: 05/10/2019 20:00
  • Location: Χώρος τέχνης Ιδιομελο (Map)

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