"Tribute to Violeta Parra in Greece"

  • $10
  • 30/09/2017 21:00
  • Ιερά Οδός 67 & Φαλαισίας 7, Βοτανικός, 118 55

Tribute to Chilean artist Violeta Parra

  • Θα ερμηνευτούν έργα του Χιλιανού συνθέτη και πιανίστα LUIS SAGLIE, ο οποίος χρησιμοποιεί σαν αφετηρία μουσικά θέματα της VIOLETA PARRA.

Evening with beautiful melodies of Chilean composer Luis Saglie, whom will travel from Chile to be part of this event.

The program Tribute to Violeta Parra was commissioned by the Chilean government to Luis Saglie in the year 1999, recorded in Vienna and since then performed all over the world. 

For the Greek tribute will be one World Premiere piece, the cello solo with voice titled: "Violeta through a looking glass", perform by Fabiola Ojeda in cello and guest mezzo soprano Angelica Cathariou.

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